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Massage Therapy Rates

  • $70 / 40 minutes
  • $95 / 1 hour
  • $125 / 90 minutes (most popular)
  • $160 / 2 hours
  • see couples massage rates below

Our 40 minute focus session is great to target one area of concern. A 60 minute massage is great for several target areas or full body general relaxation. We recommend 90 minutes or more to receive a full body massage with one or more focus areas.

All in-studio massage services include complementary hot stone therapy and hot towel application, if you like. An aromatherapy enhancement with Lunamy organic essential oils is available for just $5 (or free with any essential oil purchase). Request any of these treatments specifically to be sure you receive them.

In home or in hospital massage services are available for clients who have visited the studio before and have been approved for in home treatment by the therapist ONLY.

In home sessions are great for busy professionals, small families who have several people to work on and don’t want to wait in the studio, or for people who love to go right to bed after massage without having to drive home. This service is available for $120 per hour with a minimum of 90 minutes. Anything outside of 20 miles from our studio will incur $2 per mile  travel fee, and any parking or valet fees are client’s responsibility. In home sessions are great for busy professionals, new or expecting mothers, couples, parents who would like massage after the kids have gone to bed, and people who hate the stress of driving after massage.

Couples Massage

$200 / hour      $260 / 90 minutes      $330 / 2 hours

Enjoy the massage modality of your choice with a special someone. Two therapists, two tables, and the two of you make up the recipe for a deeply relaxing treatment to make any special day perfect. Romantic partners aren’t the only ones who enjoy couples sessions; We frequently work with mothers and daughters, sisters or friends looking to share a great escape.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the most regular of massage modalities. It incorporates a lot of long, gliding strokes, some gentle muscle kneading, and usually a medium pressure. It is generally more relaxing than deep tissue massage as it works the superficial muscles and soft tissue. Your therapist will focus on any specific areas of tension, while loosening up the entire body to allow complete stress relief. For those inexperienced in massage therapy, Swedish massage would be an excellent choice.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage can vary from slightly more pressure than a Swedish massage to a very deep, intense pressure. Clients who prefer deep tissue are usually somewhat athletic or work out regularly. Men request deep tissue more frequently than women, but there are many women who prefer the deeper pressure. Chronic pain or muscle tension can be best addressed with this modality. Please note that deep doesn’t have to mean painful. Each massage is customized to your comfort level and the work should never hurt.

Prenatal massage

Prenatal massage can be one of the biggest reliefs an expecting mother can experience. A woman lies on her side with a pillow under her head and hugging a body pillow. A special focus on low back and gluteus muscles can ease discomfort brought on by a growing belly. Many pregnant women still experience neck and shoulder tension that can safely be addressed by massage therapy. And, of course, we never skip the feet! Any areas of the body may be included or excluded to your preference. Your therapist is fully certified to know the areas and techniques to avoid in pregnancy, and you may ask as many questions as you need to feel 100% comfortable.

Postpartum Massage

Postpartum Massage is a great way to stay in touch with your ever-changing body. New tensions arise in the neck and shoulders from holding and feeding your new baby. Back pain can develop from carrying a car seat and placing baby in and out of it. Massage can be performed on the new mother as soon as the day after birth, but depending on the type of delivery, body positioning and areas worked may vary. In-home or in-hospital massage may be the best option for women who have recently delivered.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is massage that incorporates more stretching and / or deeper work for athletes or people who are physically active. Heat or ice therapies may be incorporated to reduce inflammation and decrease healing time of an injury. Focused stretches will improve flexibility and prevent injury. Your therapist will give you specific take-home stretches to address your individual needs.

Specialty Services

Infant & Pediatric Massage

(1 hour parent training $130, up to 5 additional families $30 each, offered in-home only)

The benefits of caring touch to infants and children are extensive and well-proven. Any type of well-intended touch can expedite physiological and psychological development of infants, whereas lack of touch can actually do more harm to a baby’s growth than lack of nutrition. Your massage therapist can teach you to massage your baby, creating a lifetime bond of support and communication, increasing your confidence in understanding your baby’s cues, and helping decrease some of your baby’s common discomforts. The techniques you will learn can decrease gas & colic, improve sleep duration and quality, improve baby’s concentration and alertness, decrease fussiness, and help you create a special routine that can stay with you and your child for years to come. Advantages of massage as your child grows older are increased body awareness, growth, development, communication, and improved sleep and balanced energy levels. Children involved in sports activities are often very interested and also benefit greatly from experiencing massage.

Scar Tissue Therapy

(15 minutes, $30)

Tissue damage from falls or surgical procedures can result in unsightly scars. Scar tissue therapy can reduce the thickness of a scar, as well as the pigmentation, or darkness in appearance. Best results generally come from frequent sessions following injury or surgery for up to 6 weeks. Each case is different, and consultation is free.

Breast Implant Recovery Therapy

(15 minutes, $30)

Massage in the weeks and months following breast augmentation can increase the mobility, softness and overall health of breast implants. Massage that encourages the pectoralis muscle to relax can speed along the process for your implant to “drop” into the pocket created for it. Breast massage is generally a great boost for the lymphatic system as well.