1411 Haddon St. Houston, TX 77006

Satisfied Customers

Immediate relief from a pulled muscle

I had some severe lower back pain after I pulled a muscle and was barely able to stand up straight and sit down. I scheduled my first massage for the next day and the results were incredible. I regained full range of motion after the massage and was so relaxed from the calming environment. I would highly recommend!

Claire C.

Each therapist is different but all are great!

Every person I've seen has a different style but all have been attentive to my specific needs and requests for variation in pressure. Jackie was particularly amazing. They offer a variety of times, online booking and I've never had an issue with availability. I cannot recommend this place enough.

Elaine A.

Perfect prenatal massage

Jennifer was amazing ! My first prenatal massage and it was truly relaxing. I had pain on my lower back in which she work to its perfection. Gave me different stretching tips that really helped. Highly recommend to anyone in need of different massages. Will definitely be coming back!

Marlen D.

Luxurious sanctuary to feel renewed and refreshed

The location is central, and I love the fact that it's an old home with high ceilings. The decor is thoughtfully luxurious, so you can relax as soon as you walk in the door. The staff are very friendly, empathetic and competent... I enjoyed the Swedish massage which included a good bit of traction and stretching to begin. This makes a difference, since I'm at a computer so much. I like how they don't rush through - they ask a lot of questions and find those trouble spots, then work through them. I came out refreshed, renewed, and smelling rather lavendar-ish with a hint of orange. I'd highly recommend Zalla if you seek a small sanctuary tucked in the middle of the city, and you'd like to get away from 'factory' massage places or overly glam, huge retreats.

Brooke C.

Friendly, knowledgeable and professional with a great atmosphere

Always excellent, friendly customer service, knowledgeable and professional therapists, and the atmosphere beats the cookie cutter industry massage therapy facilities. Although I live in Katy,TX I will continue to gladly pass several massage therapy businesses to have to unique and quality experience that Zalla provides!!!!  

Catina T.

Wonderful value and truly customized experience

I absolutely love getting massages here. It is a wonderful value, and you can customize the experience for your physical needs. Patty is the best therapist I've ever had!! She knows what she is doing from a medical/therapy standpoint and is knowledgeable on how to relieve tension with my post-scoliosis spinal fusion surgery back.

Shannon L.

Perfect combination of relaxing and tension relief

I'm a dog walker and the previous week I walked close to 50 miles so this massage was the perfect combination of relaxing and also easing my pain. I think I floated outside my body at one point I was in such bliss! I never doze off during massages but I was totally zoned out for this one, it was amazing! I would definitely recommend!

Jessie J.

Monthy membership keeps my neck / back pain at bay

Zalla is my go-to massage provider in Houston! After several years of getting sporadic massages, I now have a monthly membership. I've had great experiences with all the message therapists at Zalla, and I've found that each one brings a particular skill set to the table (pun intended). I've been going to Patty for about a year - I prefer seeing a female masseuse, and Patty gives me as much pressure as I'll ever need (a lot!). She's also the first masseuse to set up a breast recess bolster pillow for me when I'm laying face down - game changer. I've found monthly massages to be a valuable part of my regular maintenance, keeping neck/back pain at bay - and a life saver for any unusual pains that crop up after travel or due to strains. Plus, Patty is always sharing tips and insights with respect to taking care of your body outside of the massage studio, so I'm able to do some of the "work" at home, too.

Anna K.

All the small touches really make a difference

I've just had the most thorough massage of my life. Extremely relaxing, my boyfriend snored through the entire thing. The aromatherapy was very calming. My masseuse was very conscientious and even wrapped hot towels round each foot because they were ice blocks (my feet are always cold, the temperature in the room was fine). Also, the music wasn't annoying.


Worth every cent you will spend!

AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!!! Literally the best massage I've ever had. Finding a place that could give me a massage as close to the deep tissue/sports massages I'm used to, while being pregnant, has been nearly impossible! Today, my dreams came true lol. I bought a membership right away and plan to cancel the one I currently have at Massage Envy. Trust me when I say that this place is worth every cent you will spend. I wish I had known about this place a long time ago! I feel like Gumby right now haha! Can't wait for my next appointment in 2 weeks!

Kendall B.

Intuitive touch blends deep tissue, gentle pressure and stretching

Anna has an intuitive touch as a massage therapist. She is able to flexibly incorporate deep pressure, gentle pressure, and stretching over the course of 90 min to relax and alleviate both knots you've always known about and knots you didn't notice at first. I joined the monthly membership program last year and look forward to every session.

Olivia Z.