1411 Haddon St. Houston, TX 77006

Satisfied Customers

I booked an hour Swedish massage for Saturday on Friday afternoon. I was happy they were able to fit me in and were able to accommodate any requests I had. My massage therapist Lizzy was excellent. She paid attention to my problem areas and used the hot stones on my tension spots. I also highly recommend the aromatherapy. It adds so much to the relaxation.

Ashley B.

I had a 60 minute massage today with Jessica. Her knowledge and skills are second to none. After I told her I was a Crossfitter, she knew exactly where my problem areas were, both the superficial and the underlying issues. Her combination of precise pressure and speed of stroke were phenomenally therapeutic.

Van A.

By the time I had to leave I, I was so relaxed that I could barely hold a conversation. Zack is different from some other masseuses in that he really listens to what areas need the most attention. I tend to get knots in between my shoulder blades (desk job, ya dig?) and he applied multiple techniques to work everything out. As my roommate put it, I came home looking "extremely relaxed". I really felt like a slab of butter on hot bread. He was soothing and kind, no surprise as to why he is so popular.

Cassandra J.

The location is central, and I love the fact that it's an old home with high ceilings. The decor is thoughtfully luxurious, so you can relax as soon as you walk in the door. The staff are very friendly, empathetic and competent... I enjoyed the Swedish massage which included a good bit of traction and stretching to begin. This makes a difference, since I'm at a computer so much. I like how they don't rush through - they ask a lot of questions and find those trouble spots, then work through them. I came out refreshed, renewed, and smelling rather lavendar-ish with a hint of orange. I'd highly recommend Zalla if you seek a small sanctuary tucked in the middle of the city, and you'd like to get away from 'factory' massage places or overly glam, huge retreats.

Brooke C.

Consistent, excellent service. Easy to book online or over the phone. Typically it's pretty easy to get an appointment when you want one. Zalla Massage is top-notch.

Kathryn W.

Called asking if there was any time available day of, one of the women was nice enough to stay late and see me that night. Seemed generally concerned about my back pain, and actually suggested a few stretches to help loosen my back.

Jack E.

you will always leave feeling better and relaxed

I went here religiously for prenatal massages and liked it so much I now go once a month. I've tried almost all the therapists and I like that all of them have very different styles of massage but you will always leave feeling better and relaxed.

Heather M.

This was the first relaxing massage I've had in a long time. I had Jessica and she was gentile but effective. The bed was soft and the sheets were luxurious. I loved the aromatherapy they used and the hot towels. I also love the ease of scheduling online and the email reminders. Going back soon! Would recommend to a friend.

Hollie T.

I've just had the most thorough massage of my life. Extremely relaxing, my boyfriend snored through the entire thing. The aromatherapy was very calming. My masseuse was very conscientious and even wrapped hot towels round each foot because they were ice blocks (my feet are always cold, the temperature in the room was fine). Also, the music wasn't annoying.


AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!!! Literally the best massage I've ever had.(...) Finding a place that could give me a massage as close to the deep tissue/sports massages I'm used to, while being pregnant, has been nearly impossible! Today, my dreams came true lol. I bought a membership right away and plan to cancel the one I currently have at Massage Envy. Trust me when I say that this place is worth every cent you will spend. I wish I had known about this place a long time ago! I feel like Gumby right now haha! Can't wait for my next appointment in 2 weeks!

Kendall B.

Truly the best massages I've ever received.

I absolutely adore Zalla Massage. (...) I like to get a massage about every two months, and I usually ask for a male therapist because I find females use their fingers and knuckles for strength to get out my difficult knots. Not so here. Both therapists used a firm but gentle pressure for the stubborn tension in my body. But it's really the tiny details that set this place above the other places I've been. (...) they have better sheets (...) They also have a thicker blanket on top of the sheet, so I truly was comfortable (...) You also get hot stones during the massage which was a nice, unexpected touch. They also put a cover over your eyes when you lie on your back so the light doesn't bother you. And the music is soothing and doesn't repeat over and over again. It's just pure bliss. Truly the best massages I've ever received.

Diana G.