How are we different?

60 minutes is 60 minutes
If you arrive at 4pm for a 4pm appointment, fill out your intake form, use the restroom, discuss your session with your therapist, undress and get on the table, your will receive the full time you reserved. Massage will be shortened accordingly for late arrivals.

We don't upcharge for the extras
We think everyone should be able to experience the luxuries of hot stone therapy, hot towel treatments and the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. Just request any of them at booking and enjoy!

Every session is customized to your needs that day
We don't believe in "one size fits all" mentality for massage. That's why we have a detailed intake form and our therapists discuss your specific areas of concern before the session and check in about your comfort throughout the session. We love feedback and want to give you just what your body needs, so let us know if you love something or if we could modify our technique for you.

We don’t lock you in; we free you up
Our monthly membership program was designed to give you all the good parts of massage membership offered by the big chain stores without all the annoying parts. We don’t offer a long-term contract; Heck, we don’t offer a contract at all. Just call us the day before you’re scheduled to be charged and we’ll cancel your membership. Don’t use your membership one month? That’s ok: we’ll roll it over for you to use later.


I absolutely adore Zalla Massage. (...) I like to get a massage about every two months, and I usually ask for a male therapist because I find females use their fingers and knuckles for strength to get out my difficult knots. Not so here. Both therapists used a firm but gentle pressure for the stubborn tension in my body.
But it's really the tiny details that set this place above the other places I've been. (...) they have better sheets (...) They also have a thicker blanket on top of the sheet, so I truly was comfortable (...) You also get hot stones during the massage which was a nice, unexpected touch. They also put a cover over your eyes when you lie on your back so the light doesn't bother you. And the music is soothing and doesn't repeat over and over again. It's just pure bliss.
Truly the best massages I've ever received.

- Diana G