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Astrid Astrid says, “My goal is to take the client into a deep relaxation with movements that mimic the soft flow of the ocean while relieving stress and tension with deeper strokes, and help assist blood and lymph flow for the stimulation of waste and toxin elimination. With the use of my forearms and hands, I create fluid, rhythmic motions achieving a deep sense of harmony and balance, both mentally and physically. I may also include vibration techniques, stretches of the body, and rotation of the joints to enhance energy flow and help release blockages.”

Sciatica pain, tension headaches, and stubborn knots are relieved through Astrid’s detailed work, which often incorporating Trigger Point Therapy. She says she has always had a passion for natural healing. Her mother often treated her childhood illnesses through natural remedies and massage and when her mother became a massage therapist, she witnessed how she brought comfort, relief, and healing to many people.

Astrid earned a BS in Natural Health, but felt something was missing until she became a licensed massage therapist. Astrid has had a life-long passion for art, and works in many mediums including painting, doll making, crochet, jewelry making, graphic design, and more! Check out her work at www.artistofdreams.com. Astrid has enjoyed traveling all over the world, but her most memorable experience was landing in a helicopter on top of a majestic glacier in Alaska. Other interests include ancient history and languages, archaeology and spirituality.

Languages: English, Spanish