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anna Like many naturally talented massage therapists, Anna discovered her gifts when she began giving scalp massage to family members. She remembers immediately enjoying the fulfillment of making people feel better and getting positive feedback. She chose a career in massage therapy because she wanted to be able to continue to grow and learn while she helped people.

Anna can deliver a strong deep tissue massage when needed, and she enjoys working with the hips and shoulders to help balance the body and restore a state of homeostasis. She has always been known as the girl who can do it all: energy work, relaxation techniques, and deep tissue modalities.

She enjoys taking her time to get to know the client’s body and adjusting techniques and approaches as necessary within the client’s comfort level to get the optimal results.

In her life outside of work, Anna loves plants, animals, and has always been interested in natural healing. Anna believes a healthy lifestyle includes regular massage therapy, good hydration, nutrition, exercise and self-care because she promotes the importance of taking care of our physical as well as mental health.