1411 Haddon St. Houston, TX 77006


LMT – speaks Spanish

Amanda possess a highly intuitive , mindful, and extremely thorough approach to her work. Her favorite type of massage is deep tissue, but she is skilled and educated in trigger point theory, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, and prenatal massage. She favors a variety of muscle specific compressions, myofascial and vibration/oscillation technique in her sessions, as to facilitate a melt + release effect in soft tissue and assist in general structural shifts to the body’s alignment. Amanda also respects the energetic element to  bodywork and believes that total health is achieved through balance in Mind+body+spirit.

Amanda has been practicing massage for since 2009 and her passion for her gift of healing is expressed through her bodywork. Her approach is as easy going as her personality.  Amanda’s background is in the study of Mass Communication and Broadcast Journalism at Texas’ own Lamar University. She is very detail oriented, charismatic and ultimately motivated by the love of her 3 daughters. Most importantly, Amanda is always willing to go the extra mile and eager to touch lives..one body at a time.

Languages: English, Spanish